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Friday, 5 February 2016

Refresher Shower Jelly literally smells like refresher sweets to me but with a hint of more lemon! This is stored in the fridge or freezer. Its seems odd? I know right! The idea of this is to take a bit out of the tub and you can do so much with it, it’s so versatile. I personally run it underneath the tap so it lathers up loads of lemon bubbles. If there is some left over, I’ll use it as like a shower gel-jelly type and rub the bubbles it over my body.

This smells absolutely amazing! It has a highly noticeable blackcurrant fragrance. This bubble bar is massive so I just take a small chunk and crumble it under the tap to make loads of bubbles. you can get multiple uses out of it. The water turns into a vibrant pink and it has a moisturising effect on the skin.

Magic Wand Bubble Bar
This multi reusable wand fills your bath with a sugary candy-scented aroma with a hint of bubble gum.  Just run a bath and swirl this around your bath or run underneath the tap. The water will turn into a baby pink bubble-filled bath. When you first purchase the product, it is covered in silver glitter flecks but sadly these only last for the first go. This is one of Lush’s Christmas seasonal products so you may have to wait until Christmas if you wish to purchase this.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
This is also a seasonal product. it has a candyfloss/vanilla scent. It smells heavenly and lasts on your body for hours. I always frequently smell it on my arm hours after. This one of my go-to Lush bubble bars for the moisturising properties. My skin feels like satin when I step out of the bath.
All you have to do is snap a small piece off and crumble to turn your bath into a silky solution.

This all natural face mask helps to clean, calm and clear the skin from any unwanted spots. After the first use of this mask, my face felt softer and glowing than ever! It definitely revitalises the skin. Self-preserving means that it lasts longer! This is extremely reassuring when I suffer with dry patches on my face and these appeared non-existent. The mask smells like unsweetened peppermint mmm! This can also be used on your back during times of need. When washing off the mask, the ground aduki beans act as an exfoliator when you gently wipe your mask off.


Dream Cream is a ‘life partner form sensitive skin’ claimed by Lush. Dream Cream works with the skin like a dream, absorbing within 10 minutes leaving your skin to feel nurtured. Read here for a more in-depth review on Dream Cream?

What are your favourite Lush products? Things you always go back to or treat yourself to? 

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