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Thursday, 4 February 2016
As you may or not know, this is a new blog as I have deleted my old one. I didn't like much of the content and I didn't like the design of it. I was just struggling on my iPad and trust me it was a nightmare to blog on there. Everything was just made into such hard work.
Don’t worry, I have saved some of the posts and they are scheduled to go up soon!

Ever since I bought myself a laptop, I just love blogging even more than I did. It’s just so calming and enjoyable to me. My new blog has re-inspired my imagination
I really want to document and share parts of my life with you all so I bought myself a new camera so that photos will be better. Who knows, this may even lead to small video tutorials on here and then possible a YouTube channel! That would be ace!

Photos are so precious to me and they capture so many memories of that moment within that one photograph. It takes you back as if you’re in the moment and you are able to taking your memory back to cherish that significant moment forever.
To me, this blog will be like my photo album of significant, cherished moments of my life but I will be able to share these with you!
I can’t wait to share my adventures with you all!

I love this new blog and new redesign of it! I hope you enjoy it too!

Welcome to my online diary x

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