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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Chase of 2016
January 29, 2016
My Older Self

Dear My Older Self;
                                  When you open this letter, you will be 28 years old in 2026. I hope you’re doing well!  I hope you always remember to not let anyone criticise you for the way you look, act and what path you take within your life as we aren't getting any younger. 
I hope you have taken your years of being in your 20's to be the most youthful and doing whatever you desire in what makes you happy. I expect that you still bear in mind that the foundation to your success is that you are happy within yourself!

I hope you did something useful with that degree you earnt though since you graduated 7 years ago. Bear in mind, this time of life is all about experiences. I expect that you have been roaming the world which a few luxury items. Don’t worry if you aren't at the top, that’ll take time!

At this exact moment in life, your little brother and sister will be nearly 12 years old, your niece will be 15 years old. Wow!

I hope in ten years’ time that my older sisters have settled down and have the life in which my mum and dad have now, pure happiness and comfort. I wonder if I have any more nieces or nephews?

I must remember to call my mum and my dad everyday and remind my mum to give my dog a kiss from me! I wonder if knitting patterns are still a thing in 2026, I think my mum would be heartbroken if not. 

I wonder if you still take selfies on Snapchat and Instagram? Do you still own an iPhone or are they not the trend now?
I will be very disappointed if Instagram is not a thing any more. What else am I going to use to share my life experiences in photos with social media?


Chase of 2016

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