Summer Bucket List | Chase

Wednesday, 10 February 2016
There is so much I want to do in Summer 2016. since I am off on an adventure, I want to try new things, and feel free like I have never done before. I want to build my strength and character as a person and hope to grow more wisdom.

‘You Owe Yourself the Love That You So Freely Give to Other People’.

  1. Stop Being Afraid and Start Living Your Life to The Full
  2. Own A Canon EOS Camera
  3. Watch Fireworks
  4. Take A Hike
  5. Go to A Drive in Movie
  6. Watch The Sunset On the Beach
  7. Take A Long Bike Ride Every Night
  8. Visit A Baseball Game
  9. Roast Marshmallows
  10. Star Gaze
  11. Blog as Much as Possible
  12. Take My Camera with Me Everywhere
  13. Take Photos Everyday
  14. Visit New York
  15. Drink More Green Tea
  16. Host A Summer BBQ
  17. Learn to Braid
  18. Wear Minimal Makeup
  19. Eat Healthier
  20. Try Lobster

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