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Thursday, 28 January 2016
You may be able to notice from some of the photos uploaded that I do find it quite hard to cover up my dark circles!
I have been to makeup counters and they have tried all sorts.
They've tried telling me that my circles aren't that bad when I, and they, know they are. 
MAC tried covering my dark circles up with Please me Lipstick dabbed on the circles to counteract the bluey tones and then placed MAC mineralise concealer to give it a lightweight fresh look.
This one worked the best but why would you buy a lipstick to just place underneath your dark circles?
I have some alternatives of products which I use and they do work!
Btw - Beauty Blenders are a dream for pressing in concealers and helping it to blend seamlessly into the skin!
What concealers do you use the most?

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